Zol Design is a company which develops projects in graphic design, visual programming and communication, focusing on institutional image, brand, wayfinding, environmental design for exhibitions and product design.

Report concepts and build solutions with excellence and creativity. We do this by using design to create value for clients and build enriching relationships with all stakeholders in the project: clients, suppliers, partners, and society itself.    

Become a reference in communication solutions that integrate graphic design and visual program in a market increasingly complex, demanding and interactive.

- Result oriented commitment
- Consistent communication
- Creativity
- Resilience

Featured on the 8th Graphic Design Brazilian biennial.

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Featured on the 7th Graphic Design Brazilian biennial with the project for the 5th biennial of architecture.

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Honorable mention in the design category at the IAB/SP (Institute of Architects of São Paulo) award.

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Renato Salgado graduated as an architect from FAU-USP (School of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo) in 1987. In 2013, achieved master's degree on design and architecture, with research on wayfinding projects in urban parks, at the department of Design and Architecture of FAU-USP. He has been working with design for over thirty years.

Ahead of Zol Design, company founded in 1997 and directed by him ever since, he develops, with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, broad visual communication projects, such as wayfinding, environmental, digital and graphic design, attending to demands of several segments: governmental, corporate, cultural and educational.

Principal representative of the IAB-SP (Institute of Architects of Brazil, São Paulo branch) at CPPU (Urban Landscape Protection Commission) for the Municipal Urban Development Bureau of the São Paulo city since july of 2013.


+55 11 3061 2672