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designthat thinks

the strategy and concept behind each project.

Since 1997, we have created designs, narratives, and dialogues that enhance clients’ strategies and objectives, generating genuine and lasting connections.

We make thinking design, that understands institutional personality, and communicates affinities between brands and audiences. Our team has multidisciplinary backgrounds, and our premise is to explore different paths to deliver concrete results.

We are accustomed to long-term partnerships and have a global perspective on clients’ needs, allowing us to work on various fronts, generating consistency in brand management and the manifestation of visual identity in physical, and digital spaces, and printed materials.

brand and positioning

we create complete brands with purpose that are connected to the public.

wayfinding systems

complete projects that merge identity and precision of information for wayfinding.

environmental design

we bring personality to corporate spaces, creating welcoming dialogues with people.

web, apps and social media

we deliver engaging interactions with the user experience in mind.

exhibit design

we create atmospheres and dialogues with the collection that engage and enchant visitors.

publications and editorial

we define visual concepts that assist editorial strategies.

Renato Salgado

architect graduated from FAU-USP, with a Master’s degree in Design and Architecture and research on signage projects in urban parks by the Department of Design and Architecture of FAU-USP, founded Zoldesign in 1997.

He was a titular representative of IAB-SP on the Commission for Protection of the Urban Landscape (CPPU) of the Municipal Urban Development Secretariat of São Paulo.

Marcelo Zaidler

with a background that includes gastronomy at Senac and economics at FEA-USP, have been working in the design field since 2008 and became a partner at Zoldesign in 2019.

The blend of analytical experience and creative instinct produces projects with practical and meaningful outcomes. Dedicates to creative coordination, innovation processes, and client management at the firm.